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About The Course

The course aims to train and qualify the professional to become an expert in privacy and personal data protection. 

With this, the Postgraduate Diploma in Privacy and Data Protection course seeks to develop the following competencies in students: 

a) To stimulate critical, scientific and creative thinking regarding privacy and personal data protection so that the student can solve any situation;

b) Develop and/or enhance the data protection culture and also the digital culture; 

c) You will have access to the most innovative issues in the technological world that impact privacy and data protection; 

d) Learn about business management and project management related to privacy and data protection;

You will learn, in theory and practice, about the application of privacy and data protection in the areas of law as well as Information Security and its developments.

Besides becoming a differentiated specialist in the market, the student will be able to work in the following areas: 

1) The student will be prepared to pursue a career in academia because there will be debates and a great deal of theoretical discussion about privacy and data protection.

2) You can act as a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

3) The student will graduate in order to be a specialist and be able to provide services to companies in any line of business.  


As aulas ocorrem por transmissão ao vivo, possibilitando aos nossos alunos interagir em tempo real com a turma e com os docentes do Curso.

Postgraduate Modules

Privacy X Data Protection and the Brazilian fundamental right

Cases in LGPD of great repercussion in the world and in Brazil

Data Protection Principles

Legal Basis

Personal Data, Holder Rights and the Communication Channel

Anonymization, Pseudonymization and Portability of Personal Data

Child and Adolescent Personal Data and Termination of Personal Data Processing

Privacy X Data Protection and the Brazilian fundamental right

International transfer of personal data

Treatment Agents and Small Treatment Agents

Liability and Damage Compensation

ANPD and CNPD, Supervision, Administrative Penalties and Dosimetry

Personal Data Security and Incidents

Development of the Code of Conduct and best practices in LGPD and GDPR

Theoretical Aspects of Data Adequacy

General aspects of ROPA and the Personal Data Protection Impact Report

Notions of Best Practices, Governance (Compliance) and LGPD

Compliance and Anticorruption Program and Risk Management

Policies, Code of Conduct and Due Diligence
Information Security, Security Measures and ISO Standards

Special Topic on Information Security: ISO 270001 and 27701 and 27002

General notions about international PPD certification

Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default from LGPD

Data Protection Assessment Tools (Data Assessments)

Professional Development

Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Business introduction and methodology

Project Management in LGPD I

Project Management in LGPD II

Practical Project for Implementation and Adequacy to LGPD I

Practical Project for Implementation and Adequacy to LGPD II

Practical Project for Implementation and Adequacy to LGPD III

Personal Data Protection in Healthcare

Personal Data Protection in Education

Personal Data and Marketing
Data Protection Litigation

Digital Evidence and Data Protection

Data protection applied to Labor Law I

Data protection applied to Labor Law II

Personal Data Protection in Healthcare

LGPD and Trade Union Law
Personal Data and Electoral Law

Personal Data and Social Security Law

Personal Data and Real Estate Law

Personal Data Processing Agreement and Contractual Data Protection Clauses

Personal Data Processing in the Public Sector X LIA

Data Protection and Consumer Law

Personal Data Protection in Healthcare

Overview of Artificial Intelligence today

LGPD and Cybercrime

Machine learning, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts and NFTs

LGPD and Cybersecurity

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Immersive Technologies

Emerging Technologies (ChatGPT, Chatbot, Cloud, others)

Introduction to Metaverse and Web 3.0

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    What Our Students Say.


    Domirí Lara

    Lawyer, MBA Contracts student

    "The MBA in Contract Law exceeded my expectations, with a highly qualified faculty, interactive classes, and an excellent selection of current and relevant topics. It was undoubtedly a period of great learning".


    Luiza Mendonça

    Lawyer, MBA Contracts student

    "The Postgraduate Program in Contract Law has a practical focus, while still stressing the importance of theory for the formation of an excellent legal professional .

    The professors are highly qualified, who are truly concerned with the knowledge transmitted and applied, unlike so many experiences in post-graduate courses around town that are only concerned with verbalizing information without concern for the absorption of the content and the practical applicability of what was transmitted."


    Danielle Miranda

    Lawyer, MBA Contracts student

    "Asopposed to other courses I have taken, where only the theory is presented, CEDIN, in addition to an up-to-date teaching grid focused on what the legal professional really seeks when taking the MBA, develops the students' learning through instigating debates with current case studies and allows, through the hybrid structure (in-person and online), greater networking.


    Antídio Souza

    Lawyer, former student of CEDIN's MBA Contracts

    "The MBA in Contract Law has been a major turning point in my career as a lawyer. The content taught in the classes, as well as the extremely dynamic and innovative activities proposed have helped me see the law from new perspectives.


    Rafaelle Dolabela

    Risk analyst at CODEMG, student of CEDIN's Compliance MBA

    "CEDIN's Post-Graduation in CRM was an incredible sapience for me, in every way, both personal and professional, pointing out that the students and classmates are sensational and have a vast experience, because, they work in large companies and occupy prominent positions in them, which provides learning exchanges and experiences at a high level of approaches, discussions and fantastic ideas"


    Helena Vilela

    Corporate Risk Analyst at CODEMG, former student of the MBA Compliance

    "Cedin's Postgraduate in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance has exceeded my expectations. With highly qualified professors with extensive experience in the market, combined with a current and relevant didactic program, the MBA in CRM has provided me with the preparation I wanted in this new beginning.


    Fernanda Souza

    Analyst of agreements and accountability of the works secretariat of PBH, former student of the MBA of Compliance

    "I am grateful to Cedin for the opportunity to study in an institution with such qualified professionals and I am sure that the baggage that the MBA brought me will add to my future more value and knowledge."



    CEDIN Graduate Student

    "I always wanted to have a differentiated career and that is exactly what made me choose CEDIN. The course is innovative, with subjects that you can't find in other courses.

    grasiele (1)

    Grasiele Vieira

    CEDIN Graduate Student

    "I have been working as a legal psychologist for a long time and decided to do Law at CEDIN. The course is allowing an innovation in my life.



    CEDIN Graduate Student

    "CEDIN is making it possible for me to fulfill my dream of studying law in a differentiated institution.



    CEDIN Graduate Student

    "The professors are of a high level and very available to the students. The structure of the college is excellent! The classrooms are new, air-conditioned, modern, and with lots of technology.

    ana clara

    Ana Clara Alburqueque

    CEDIN Graduate Student

    "CEDIN's professors and pedagogical team are very available, which is extremely positive in the formation of us students. CEDIN knows how to bring innovation to the day to day of law education.

    ana livia

    Anna Lívia

    CEDIN Graduate Student

    "I am sure that all the differentials concerning CEDIN make it possible to train professionals who will be prepared for the new needs of law, being more successful."


    Mariana Pires

    Lawyer, International Law post-graduate student

    "Thepostgraduate course in International Law at CEDIN has a very rich content and a super organized coordination. The course not only allowed me to learn about topics and areas of international law, but also provided me with enough information to set clear career goals. In addition, the Center for International Law provides a space to add valuable experience to the development of the curriculum. Through CEDIN I was able to do my first internship in the field and expand my network. It was definitely the best decision for my future.


    Clara Viegas

    Postgraduate student of International Law

    "Taking the postgraduate course in International Law at CEDIN was indeed a very wise decision. In addition to the multidisciplinary content showing the various facets within international law and deepening them, I had the opportunity to attend classes and interact directly with renowned professors, exchange knowledge with colleagues and greatly expand my network of contacts. In addition, CEDIN also offers the International Law Center, a place where, through lectures, courses, and study groups, it sows the seeds of International Law. There, I had the opportunity to intern for the first time in the area of International Law and learn how to deal with professionals in the field."


    Jessica Evelino

    Post-graduated in International Law at CEDIN

    "CEDIN was an amazing experience in my life. It opened doors for me through deep and practical knowledge at the same time." 


    Anusha Correia

    Former Post-Graduate student of International Law

    "Taking Cedin's postgraduate course in International Law was an excellent opportunity. The course is complete, providing a broad approach to the various branches of International Law and the professors are extremely qualified. In addition, there is also the possibility of networking with other professionals in the area. Today, I see a world of possibilities within my profession and I feel even more prepared to practice it.



    Former Post-Graduate student of International Law

    "My name is Letícia, I am a former student of CEDIN's Postgraduate Program in International Law and I can say that this postgraduate program exceeded all my expectations. Besides the vast multidisciplinary content that the institution addresses, I can say that the composition of regular and guest professors is spectacular! In addition to all the knowledge I acquired during all this time, it was possible to do several networkings, which make all the difference in our professional lives! I have only compliments to make and I am eternally grateful! 💙"



    Leonardo Fogaça

    Director of Transparency of BH's City Hall, former student of the MBA Compliance

    "Studying at CEDIN made all the difference for me! I was able to interact with the best professionals in the market, and expand my networking."


    Bárbara de Cássia Silva

    Compliance Manager at Itaminas

    "Opting for the MBA at Cedin was the best choice I could have made and besides being a source of great learning, it has opened numerous doors for me."


    Misma de Paula

    Coordinator of Integrity and Risk Management at Companhia de Desenvolvimento de Minas Gerais - Codemig

    "I joined this course as a tutoring and scholarship student. I gained friends, learned a lot, and became even bolder with so much quality information."


    Amanda Pacheco

    Paralegal at Rosi Rajão Advogados (MBA Environmental Law)

    "At CEDIN I had dynamic and enriching classes, all with renowned professors in the field. Besides improving my resume, I got unparalleled knowledge."


    Luis Gustavo

    Lawyer specialized in agribusiness and Cedin alumnus

    "Cedin makes you a renowned and differentiated professional in the market for its high-level content"



    MBA in LGPD

    "The graduate school was extremely interdisciplinary and enabled me to have several job opportunities, especially with technology companies."


    Luísa Mendonça

    Luísa Mendonça (post-graduate in Contemporary Civil Law and Contract Law from Cedin).

    "CEDIN has helped me in these two postgraduate degrees to emancipate myself in knowledge and to achieve my professional goals"

    Course Coordination

    Cristiane Carvalho Andrade de Araujo

    Lawyer specialized in Business Law, Labor Law and Data Protection; University Professor; Lecturer; Master's Degree student in Law at UFMG; Coordinator of Data Protection at ESA/MG; Specialist in the implementation of Compliance and Data Protection Program; Specialist in Labor Law and Compliance at ESA OAB/MG; Postgraduate student in Law; Researcher in the area of Data Protection

    Stella Muniz Campos Elias

    Business Lawyer, Master in Law from PUC Minas, Professor in MBAs, Speaker, Partner and Co-founder of BAC Consulting and Privacy, Post-graduated in Labor Law and Procedural Law from PUC Minas, Post-graduated in Teaching with Emphasis on Law from Arnaldo College, Specialist and Consultant in Privacy and Data Protection (LGPD and GDPR), DPO as a service, Vice-president of the Data Protection Commission of OAB/MG.

    Melissa Barrioni E Oliveira

    Business Lawyer, Specialist in Labor Law and Labor Procedure by FUMEC and Specialist in Legal Teaching by Arnaldo University Professor in MBAs, Speaker, Partner and Co-founder of BAC Consulting and Privacy, Specialist and Consultant in Privacy and Data Protection (LGPD and GDPR), DPO as a service, President of the Data Protection Commission of OAB/MG.