Post-Graduation Monitor

The Monitoring Scholarship Program aims to provide students with effective and dynamic participation in academic teaching projects, in the scope of Lato Sensu Postgraduate Courses. The program is aimed at postgraduate students interested in developing academic activities of monitoring. Students receive full scholarship from the Faculty CEDIN to act as monitors, being guided by the Coordination of the Monitoring Program as well as the Course Coordinators.

The main objectives of the CEDIN Faculty Monitoring Programme are:

a) improve the quality of learning by helping to identify and correct gaps in the student's education;
b) stimulate the cooperation of the student body with the faculty and course coordination in academic activities;
c) facilitate the relationship between students and professors, especially in the execution of teaching and learning plans.

The main duties of the monitor are:

a) establish the exchange of information between the class and the academic community;
b) participate when requested in meetings, gatherings or events with: the administration or pedagogical team of the institution;
c) assist the teachers and course coordinators whenever requested;
d) assist the students of the class whenever necessary, in the academic activities and information;
e) identify the needs of the class;
f) act in partnership with the academic and administrative of the institution;
g) collaborate in the maintenance of order and discipline of the class; among other functions.


2022.1 - Announcement

2023.1 - Announcement

2023.2 – Edital