Undergraduate tutoring

The monitorship aims to provide students with effective and dynamic participation in academic teaching projects, within the scope of the Law undergraduate program. The program is intended for Law undergraduate students at CEDIN who are interested in developing academic monitoring activities. The students are guided by the Course Coordination, as well as by the supervising professor. 

The duties and obligations of the student monitor are 

a) assist teachers in teaching tasks, including the preparation of teaching material, whenever requested; 

b) assist the teachers in carrying out practical and/or complementary work of interest to the discipline.

c) assist students by guiding them in assignments;

d) constitute a link between teachers and students, aiming at the development of learning;

e) participate in activities that allow them to deepen their knowledge of the subject, such as text revision, bibliographic reviews, and others;

f) perform their tasks according to a work plan prepared jointly with the supervising teacher; 

g) fulfill 8 (eight) weekly hours of monitoring activities, according to the timetable pre-established with their professor; 

h) present attendance and elaborate a monthly and semi-annual report, in proper forms, of his activities and send it to the Course Coordination, by the second working day of the month.


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