Introduction to Environmental Law



Course period:

Monday: 19:00 - 20:40

Thursday: 19:00 - 22:30

Classes Start: 22/03/2021

40 hours tuition


3x of R$ 426.79
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About the course:

There are growing manifestations of environmental problems all over the planet that reveal the excessive use of natural resources. The course is part of our MBA in Environmental Law, which will present to you fundamental concepts, theoretical and mainly practical in the area of Environmental Law, aiming at the formation and training of quality, through knowledge, information, strategies, management, practice, development and improvement of skills, in order to contribute to the continuing education of professionals and market leaders who work or intend to work in environmental law and related areas.

The courses are offered in face-to-face (hybrid) and online (live) modality. Students in the face-to-face modality will follow the classes in CEDIN's facilities and students in the online modality will follow the classes live. Both students will be able to attend classes whenever and wherever they wish. There will be times when access will be online, for both modalities, specifically for interactive meetings. 


Introduction to Environmental Law - background, history and concepts:
The historical context that led to the emergence of Environmental Law; from the Club of Rome to ECO92

Relevant international instruments of Environmental Law:
Treaties, Conventions, Protocols and Declarations - the theme and scope of the environmental debate

The internal law and the environmental issue: The evolution of the environmental issue in the Brazilian context - state laws
, Law n 6938/81 and the Federal Constitution

The Federal Constitution and the environment: The concepts set out in the Federal Constitution - objective,
scope and reflections