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28 October 2021
Friday: 19:00 to 20:40
Saturday: 09:00 to 12:30
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About the Course


Partnerships between public authorities and the private sector for the development of national infrastructure are advancing rapidly. In various sectors, investment in infrastructure emerges as the best alternative, while public services are optimized in order to better serve users through private management. Thus, companies and professionals need to know and specialize in the fundamental concepts of infrastructure, as well as in its various sectors and their own specificities. Similarly, the tax and environmental aspects of infrastructure are essential for optimal structuring of business, taking advantage of best practices and structured planning.
and structured planning.

The MBA in Infrastructure Business and Law seeks to offer a holistic, complete and interrelated view of the various aspects of infrastructure, essential for good business management and the adequate provision of services by the public authorities.



Introduction to Sports Law


Environmental Law applied to Infrastructure Projects

Administrative and legislative powers

Public procurement and environmental protection

Sustainable development and principles of Environmental Law: dogma and practice

Environmental challenges of infrastructure projects

Environmental licensing and Environmental Impact Assessment

Protection of native vegetation and infrastructure works

Impacts of infrastructure projects in Protected Areas

Impacts of infrastructure projects in Protected Areas 2

Infrastructure law and forest protection: Atlantic Rainforest

Infrastructure law and forest protection: Forest Code

Infrastructure and traditional communities 1

Infrastructure and traditional communities 2

Environmental litigation in infrastructure 1

Environmental litigation in infrastructure 2

Overview of environmental legislative changes



Other Extension Courses


Since 2006 training specialists.

Duration: 40h | Start: 23rd August
Environmental Law applied to Infrastructure Projects
Course Load: 90h | Start: 09 September
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Meet our team! Our teaching staff consists of the best professionals in the country, enabling a practical learning of high performance.


Paulo Honório de Castro Júnior

Master in Public Law from PUC-MG (2019). Specialist in Environment Management and Sustainability from FGV (2012). Bachelor of Law from UFMG (2010). He is currently vice-president of the Brazilian Institute of Mining Law, member of the Brazilian Union of Environmental Advocacy and of the Institute of Lawyers of Minas Gerais. He is coordinator and professor of the postgraduate course in Mining Law at CEDIN.